Modern benches with the spirit of honest craftsmanship

People in the foothills of Beskydy Mountains had to be handicraft capable, hardworking and steady. Local hand made products are unique, honest and made with love. The Garden and Park Benches Obiss are following up this tradition, in which we are creating them for more than 15 years at our family business in Palkovice by the Frýdek-Místek


Despite of I am the metallurgy engineer, it fulfills me when
I can work with my hands. I love nature and staying at the garden. I wanted to beautify my garden somehow, and that is why the idea about construction of my own garden bench had been created. Bench with interesting design, comfortable and maintenance free.


Way from idea to the project of its own has been a little bit tricky.
It took several years of trying surface treatment, design, shapes and searching for ideal color combinations. First three benches
I made for myself, then few more for my friends and relatives followed by new customers. Today my two sons are also helping me with crafting at home workshop.

For whom?

Of course for everyone who loves rest on the comfortable bench
in the middle of green vegetation. For everyone who appreciate elegance, creativity and craftsmanship quality. Benches OBISS are already beautifies many parks and gardens at home country and also abroad. My first abroad customer was Swiss man – owner
of funeral house. He could not believe that I made that bench
on my own in small home workshop. Also Buddhists monk from Tibet, who lives permanently in Germany, bought my bench
at the same Gardens exhibition. So tell me, is there any better presentation for benches, which may help you to your comfort, relaxation and harmony than that?

Lavice Obiss - nákup přímo od výrobce

We speak Czech, English (english), German (deutsch), Russian, and Polish.