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Garten- und Parkbänke OBISS sind sehr gut geeignet für die schöne Umgebung Ihrer Gärten und Parks.

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Garten Architekten:

Gartenthematik, Magazin:

Online Geschäft:

  • - Traditionelle, moderne und Gartenkeramik für Augenvergnügen und auch für den praktischen Gebrauch. Handgemachte Produkte von Werkstätten aus Südmähren. Ein nützliches Geschenk nicht nur für eine Frau.
  • - Greenfingers, Gardening- UK garden.
  • -
  • - Hillier Nurseries, Garden Centres and Landscapes. Supplier of plants.

Parks, Gärten:

  • - This beautiful continental garden is home to one of Europe's finest woody plant collections.
  • - The walled kitchen garden harbours Baroness Laurence de Bosmelet's rainbow colour scheme of more than 800 varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  • - The manor house is set within a frame of aromatic and culinary plants and herbs with medicinal plants laid out in a chessboard pattern.
  • - One of the most colourful gardens in France, this superb garden contains more than 300 different roses and perennials as well as an impressive collection of sculptures.
  • - Vineyards, a rose nursery, a maze, aromatic vegetable gardens and a secret garden are just some of the delights to behold amongst the grassy cloisters of these re-discovered Medieval gardens.
  • - Villandry owes its fame to the exceptional terraced gardens which sit on three levels and include a water garden, an ornamental garden and an ornamental kitchen garden.
  • - These two gardens are situated on the idyllic Borromeo Islands on Lake Maggiore, Italy. The gardens on Isola Bella represent one of the most famous and well-preserved examples of Italian baroque gardens.

Weitere interessante Links mit der Gartenthematik:

  • - Gardening tips and ideas, and informative articles, charts and graphs, and guide sheets for growing hundreds of plants from the resource libraries at GardenGuides.
  • - The GardenLinks Directory presents hundreds of categorised links to UK gardening and gardens online.
  • - Links to UK gardening related websites, garden forum and lots of gardening tips
  • - Gardening UK gardening events and open gardens in the UK
  • - The website of Britain's gardening charity - the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) - is the gateway to gardening.