Color configurator

With our configurator you can design - according to your own ideas - color combination for your bench:

  1. Use the choice of RAL CLASSIC colors (up to 9 different colors) and follow one of the instructions bellow to create your own color model design of bench.
  2. Print and save finalized 2D-design by click on the "Print/Save" right under the picture of the bench. If you don't like the suggested image, you can refresh the web site and create a new design again.
  3. To place an order, send us the completed order form with your design - printed out as a PDF - with a note as to whether you have decided on a garden bench (high backrest) or a park bench (low backrest).

When creating your own color combination of the bank, we recommend using one to three primary colors (chromatic) and one or two complementary colors (neutral - white, shades of gray). As inspiration for your own design, you can also use the examples of interesting color combinations or designs from our customers and supporters , or get inspiration from the Pinterest banner.

With the 2D configurator you can color your bench design in two ways


a) At first choose the part of the bench you want to put your color on (in the lower half of the bench).
b) Than choose the color you wish, and the chosen part of the bench will change its color.
c) For coloring the next part, first choose the new part and then choose the color you wish to have and the color will change.


a) At first choose your favorite color.
b) Than choose parts of the bench, which you would like to change with your chosen color. Color will stay the same until you will choose another one. Just try it


L 8 L 7 L 9 B - Bench sides L 5 L 3 L 1 L 6 L 4 L 2 P 1 2 P 3 P P 4 P 5 P 6 P 7 P 8 P 9 M R - Armchairs
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RAL1023Traffic yellow
RAL1000Green beige
RAL1002Sand yellow
RAL1003Signal yellow
RAL1004Golden yellow
RAL1005Honey yellow
RAL1006Maize yellow
RAL1007Daffodil yellow
RAL1011Brown beige
RAL1012Lemon yellow
RAL1013Oyster white
RAL1015Light ivory
RAL1016Sulfur yellow
RAL1017Saffron yellow
RAL1018Zinc yellow
RAL1019Grey beige
RAL1020Olive yellow
RAL1021Rape yellow
RAL1024Ochre yellow
RAL1026Luminous yellow
RAL1028Melon yellow
RAL1032Broom yellow
RAL1033Dahlia yellow
RAL1034Pastel yellow
RAL1035Pearl beige
RAL1036Pearl gold
RAL1037Sun yellow
RAL2000Yellow orange
RAL2001Red orange
RAL2003Pastel orange
RAL2004Pure orange
RAL2005Luminous orange
RAL2007Luminous bright orange
RAL2008Bright red orange
RAL2009Traffic orange
RAL2010Signal orange
RAL2011Deep orange
RAL2012Salmon orange
RAL2013Pearl orange
RAL3000Flame red
RAL3001Signal red
RAL3002Carmine red
RAL3003Ruby red
RAL3004Purple red
RAL3005Wine red
RAL3007Black red
RAL3009Oxide red
RAL3011Brown red
RAL3012Beige red
RAL3013Tomato red
RAL3014Antique pink
RAL3015Light pink
RAL3016Coral red
RAL3018Strawberry red
RAL3020Traffic red
RAL3022Salmon pink
RAL3024Luminous red
RAL3026Luminous bright red
RAL3027Raspberry red
RAL3028Pure red
RAL3031Orient red
RA3032Pearl ruby red
RAL3033Pearl pink
RAL4001Red lilac
RAL4002Red violet
RAL4003Heather violet
RAL4004Claret violet
RAL4005Blue lilac
RAL4006Traffic purple
RAL4007Purple violet
RAL4008Signal violet
RAL4009Pastel violet
RAL4011Pearl violet
RAL4012Pearl blackberry
RAL5000Violet blue
RAL5001Green blue
RAL5002Ultramarine blue
RAL5003Sapphire blue
RAL5004Black blue
RAL5005Signal blue
RAL5007Brilliant blue
RAL5008Grey blue
RAL5009Azure blue
RAL5010Gentian blue
RAL5011Steel blue
RAL5012Light blue
RAL5013Cobalt blue
RAL5014Pigeon blue
RAL5015Sky blue
RAL5017Traffic blue
RAL5018Turquoise blue
RAL5019Capri blue
RAL5020Ocean blue
RAL5021Water blue
RAL5022Night blue
RAL5023Distant blue
RAL5024Pastel blue
RAL5025Pearl Gentian blue
RAL5026Pearl night blue
RAL6000Patina green
RAL6001Emerald green
RAL6002Leaf green
RAL6003Olive green
RAL6004Blue green
RAL6005Moss green
RAL6006Grey olive
RAL6007Bottle green
RAL6008Brown green
RAL6009Fir green
RAL6010Grass green
RAL6011Reseda green
RAL6012Black green
RAL6013Reed green
RAL6014Yellow olive
RAL6015Black olive
RAL6016Turquoise green
RAL6017May green
RAL6018Yellow green
RAL6019Pastel green
RAL6020Chrome green
RAL6021Pale green
RAL6022Brown olive
RAL6024Traffic green
RAL6025Fern green
RAL6026Opal green
RAL6027Light green
RAL6028Pine green
RAL6029Mint green
RAL6032Signal green
RAL6033Mint turquoise
RAL6034Pastel turquoise
RAL6035Pearl green
RAL6036Pearl opal green
RAL6037Pure green
RAL6038Luminous green
RAL7000Squirrel grey
RAL7001Silver grey
RAL7002Olive grey
RAL7003Moss grey
RAL7004Signal grey
RAL7005Mouse grey
RAL7006Beige grey
RAL7008Khaki grey
RAL7009Green grey
RAL7010Tarpaulin grey
RAL7011Iron grey
RAL7012Basalt grey
RAL7015Slate grey
RAL7016Anthracite grey
RAL7021Black grey
RAL7022Umbra grey
RAL7023Concrete grey
RAL7024Graphite grey
RAL7026Granite grey
RAL7030Stone grey
RAL7031Blue grey
RAL7032Pebble grey
RAL7033Cement grey
RAL7034Yellow grey
RAL7035Light grey
RAL7036Platinum grey
RAL7037Dusty grey
RAL7038Agate grey
RAL7039Quartz gre
RAL7040Window grey
RAL7042Traffic grey A
RAL7043Traffic grey B
RAL7044Silk grey
RAL7045Telegrey 1
RAL7046Telegrey 2
RAL7047Telegrey 4
RAL7048Pearl mouse grey
RAL8000Green brown
RAL8001Ochre brown
RAL8002Signal brown
RAL8003Clay brown
RAL8004Copper brown
RAL8007Fawn brown
RAL8008Olive brown
RAL8011Nut brown
RAL8012Red brown
RAL8014Sepia brown
RAL8015Chestnut brown
RAL8016Mahogany brown
RAL8017Chocolate brown
RAL8019Grey brown
RAL8022Black brown
RAL8023Orange brown
RAL8024Beige brown
RAL8025Pale brown
RAL8028Terra brown
RAL8029Pearl copper
RAL9002Grey white
RAL9003Signal white
RAL9004Signal black
RAL9005Jet black
RAL9006White aluminium
RAL9007Grey aluminium
RAL9010Pure white
RAL9011Graphite black
RAL9016Traffic white
RAL9017Traffic black
RAL9018Papyrus white
RAL9022Pearl light grey
RAL9023Pearl dark grey


Due to differences in color displaying on the various internet browsers and computer monitors, it is possible that displayed colors will be slightly different from the original RAL CLASSIC color palette. If you need to be sure about the real view of the color, please make a note of the RAL CLASSIC color code and compare it with the official RAL CLASSIC palette in any local paint shop. For RAL CLASSIC "Pearl" please request for a separate offer, because these colors have a certain surcharge.

Small deviations of color shade may also be caused by paint layer thickness or pigmentation have to be accepted.

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