What is next? There are two ways to order:

    a) Droping down the rider (Garden benches or Park benches), you can choose from our designproposals, (Karolina, Tatiana, Zuzana, Petrana, Tamara, Radka) and transfer it into our  „order-form“. You can see the specification-number in the enlarged picture - for example "Karolina-ZBL19(9003)".Then you can move on with your order.

    b) Create your own color-combination in the Color configurator. There you can create any "RAL CLASSIC" color combination up to 9 different colors.

    When you choose your own colors, we propose to take one up to three chromatic groundcolors and to combine them with one or two neutral colors. You will find inspirations in our gallery of  color combinations and shared designs from our customers. And there is even more at the pinterstbanner at the bottom of this page. You can use your design from the Color configurator as additional information for your order. Then you can move on with your order.

Order per e-mail:

    There are two ways how you can order the chosen product by e-mail.

    a) Please type  bench specification (it appears after zooming the picture in "favorite color combinations" photo gallery) into the order form. For example "Karolina-ZBL19(9003)".

    b) Use the saved 2D-color-suggestion picture from the Color configuratorator, fill out the order form and send both to us as attachment of your order. Please specify if it is a garden bench (high backrest) or park bench (low backrest). We will send you immediately the provisional invoice with 50% of the total amount. The receipt of payment serves as order confirmation. After receipt of payment your individual designed bench goes into production and you get the final receipt with the delivery.

    If you prefer the old-fashioned way, you are welcome to print out the order-form and in case of individual design also the results from the color generator and mail it to one of us.

    Adress business owner :
    Vratislav Obadal - OBISS
    Dipl.Ing. foundry and metallurgy
    739 41 Palkovice 493
    Czech Republic
    +42 (0) 732 990 638
    +42 (0) 558 656 318

    Distribution Germany
    Karin Heinlein
    Dipl.Ing. InteriorDesign
    Troppauer Straße 22
    91315 Höchstadt
    +49 (0) 172 917 333 0

Gardenbench and parkbench packaging in cardboard box.

gardenbench parkbench packing

Terms and conditions

Before you will send an order, please see our terms and conditions on the right side.

By sending of the order customer confirms that had read our terms and condition, fully understood them and agree with the content.

We hope that we aroused your interest for OBISS-benches. We will gladly answer your questions and look forward to hear from you.

Pinterests inspiration - color combinations

Lavice Obiss - nákup prímo od výrobce

Packing and shipping:

Shipped in the cardboard box in three layers, including connection pieces and assembled bench side sections.

  1. Benches are be packed into the cardboard boxes:
    Garden bench 130 x 80 x 10 cm, weight 47 kg.
    Park bench 110 x 80 x 10 cm, weight 44 kg.
  2. According to Assembly instructions  you can easily assemble the bench. Side construction parts of the bench has had been already assembled, seat lat, supports and stainless connections are stored separately inside the box
  3. We charge 95 EUR for shipping of garden and park benches in the European Union, transport or assembly of the XL bench is then by arrangement. The price for the deliveries to the countries outside of the European Union
    will be specified after receive of the order.
  4. We offer a special installation service in Frankonia: kilometer flat 0,60 EUR for entire round trip.The installation itself 75,00 EUR.

Delivery date:

  1. One-color benches will be delivered in 4 weeks after the confirmation
    of the order.
  2. More colorful benches variations will be delivered in 5-6 weeks after confirmation of the order.


    Payment in advance 50% of total price, rest of the price will be payable at the delivery day, when you will also receive the final invoice


  1. 5 years guarantee
    on material defects and workshop. Warranty starts on first day of accepting the shipment, or 10th day after sending of shipment. Warranty does not apply to defects caused by normal use, damages caused by not following the assembly instructions and to damages caused by force of nature or rough handling.
  2. If the purchased goods do not suit to you, you are able to return the goods without justification until 14 days of the shipment acceptance date and we will return the full price. Returned goods packing and shipping costs pays customer.