OBISS - garden bench, colordesign Tamara

In addition to the proposed design, you can also design your own color combinations. Try out different color combinations in our color configurator. You can find inspiration in nature, in fashion design, in fine arts, or simply in your own garden. See examples below.

catalogue Tamara - color samples

Garden bench - Tamara, examples of color combinations. Here you will find various design proposals that you can choose from. Please enter your selection from the "catalogue" in to order form. This is visible after enlarging the photo preview - for example "Tamara-ZBL6(7047)-L5(6017)-L7(1012)-L1(2008)". Then you can proceed to the order.

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Benches OBISS, shopping right by the producer

Here are some examples of how you can combine the 3 colours of the 19 slat benches "Tamara" in the "colour configurator". The colour distribution is asymmetrical to the centre of the bench. In addition, the colours can be differentiated by a different colour of the bench sides like T1.1B (or one lamella - for example "1.1-1" or armrest "1.4Ru").